# Name of faculty: Shri. C. A. Suryawanshi
Designation: Office Superintendent, I/c Registrar
Email: chunilalsuryawanshi@gmail.com
Contact No:


Department Staff name Post Ext.no.
Shri C. A. Suryawanshi I/c registrar 568
Smt. S. V. Inamdar Office superitendent 570
Account Smt M. B. Jadhav Senior clerk 586
Account Shri V. B. Mote Senior clerk 586
Establishment Shri N. R. Atik Senior clerk 572
Establishment Smt M. S. Shah Senior clerk 572
Student Section Shri A. M. Shaikh Senior clerk 569
Student sec. Shri S. P. Padale Junior clerk 567
Student sec. Shri. Y. B. Zende Junior clerk 569
Account sec. Shri. P. C. Talpe Junior clerk 586
Account sec. Shri D. D. Gaikwad Junior clerk 586
Establishment Shri Y. T. Salunkhe Junior clerk 586
Account sec. Smt. K. V. Choudhari Junior clerk 586
Cashier Shri. M. D. Talpe Junior clerk 578
In-out Shri.S. B. Gowardhan Junior clerk 576
Dpu Smt. A. M. Khale Programmer 575
Dpu Shri. S. P. Gedam Data entry operator 575
Store Shri. S. M. Nalawade Store keeper 580
Prin. Cabin Shri. V. B. Patil Peon
Student Section Shri M. G. Kadam Laboratory Attendant
Establishment Shri. P. D. Salunke Peon
Account Shri. V. D. Gavai Peon
In-out Smt. R. V. Madane Peon
DPU Smt. N. R. Shinde Peon
Store Shri. A. B. Kadam Laboratory Attendant



Data Processing Unit:
This is the place where journey of a student’s life in college actually begins.
Admissions, Exam forms, Eligibility forms, various concession forms, results are the activities which are handled by DPU and DPU is responsible to get the work done within stipulated time.

Student data is a very important factor for college and our DPU has been doing it very efficiently since the very beginning. We have 3 working staff and 15 computers exclusively for the unit.

Not only the work of DPU is restricted to student data, but the whole online process that relates to Directorate Technical Education as well as the All India Council for Technical Education, Savitribai Phule University, Pune and various other organizations is also done by the DPU. It can be taken as the online administration unit which controls acts as a messenger of college to the world.

The software used to maintain the student’s data is the student MIS. Work  is in progress to create the same kind of software to store Staff data named Staff MIS.
Hence, DPU is one of the most important part of the college administration and is apt with its all duties.